POST-BLAST forensics kit / Explosives ordnance kit

Milfor Solutions POST-BLAST forensics kit is developed in collaboration with experts and professionals of post-blast forensics. All of the kits components are carefully selected and collected, based on the specification of the work and evidence collecting needs and habits of post-blast forensics professionals. The kit contains everything what’s needed for collecting evidence from the scene. Contents of the kit are packed for ergonomical and convenient use.


POST-BLAST forensics kit contains :

Nitrile gloves – M
Nitrile gloves – L
I - Shaped scale 150mm
L - Shaped scale 150x300mm
Antistatic tweezers
Permanent marker
Cotton swabs
Sterile DNA evidence swabs in tube
Evidence bag – S
Evidence bag – M
Evidence bag – L
Antistatic bags, grip seal
Evidence jar – 30ml
Evidence jar – 50ml
Evidence jar – 200ml
Cardboard evidence envelopes
TAMPER evidence sealing tape, 33m
Biohazard stickers
Evidence sticker – S
Evidence sticker – L


Items in the kit can be also changed to meet exactly your requirements.

Contact us for an inquiry.